One Reply to “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”

  1. I’m really digging the podcast but there’s something that I wanted to address that bothered me a bit with both guests. They both assume that the only people living in poverty are minorities, women or old people which just isn’t true. I’m a white Jew and am living on paycheck to paycheck on jobs that are paying less than 15 an hour (I was just working at McDonalds a manager making 13 an hr and now am working at IHop making min over here which is 11). I know other people that are white that are living in poverty, I live in CA and housing over here is ridiculous. You get four people living in a one bedroom, one bathroom and a living room and a kitchen. I’m not saying that it possible that it hasn’t been easier for me to get hired because I’m white but I am saying that a lot of white people are living as the under class and aren’t all living in wealth.


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