American Dictatorship

Is the United States now a dictatorship?

2016 #NeverTrump Presidential candidate & StandUpRepublic head
Evan McMullin weighs in + Political scientist Rachel Bitecofer tells #StrangeDaysPodcast why the data says Trump has NO CHANCE to win in November.

Authoritarian Democracy

On one of our nation’s darkest days, I URGE you to listen to one the most important, enthralling interviews ever conducted on #StrangeDaysPodcast between ⁦Sarah Kendzior + former CIA Senior Officer Rolf Mowatt-Larssen.

(202) 224-3121

Miss the Impeachment Trial coverage this week?

Have no fear, #StrangeDaysPodcast is here with Elie Mystal & Jennifer Taub telling us what to expect after the Senate GOP acquits + polling guru Mark Mellman forecasts the Iowa Caucuses & the Dem field.

Unmaking the Presidency

How much irreparable harm has Donald Trump done to the Presidency? “Unmaking the Presidency” authors Susan Hennessey and Benjamin Wittes assess the damage. Later, Allan Lichtman, predictor of 9 past elections, tells Strange Days Podcast whether Trump wins again.

Running Against the Devil

Will The Democrats blow the most important election in history?

Not if Rick Wilson can help it, as he tells #StrangeDaysPodcast what they must do to stop Trumpocalypse 2.0 + New York Magazine climate change author David Wallace Wells warns of #TheUninhabitableEarth.