The Coming Chaos

Why is Frank Figliuzzi so concerned about the coming chaos?

Listen to the ex FBI Asst. Director tell #StrangeDaysPodcast why things have taken a darker turn + Miami Herald’s Leonard Pitts Jr. explains why it may be hard to forgive our fellow citizens.

What If Trump Wins?

What if Donald Trump wins?

As disturbing a thought as it is, we explore the nightmarish question w/ Washington Monthly’s Paul Glastris + Mother Jones’s David Corn tells #StrangeDaysPodcast his assessment of Robert Muller a year after his investigation.

Hiding in Plain Sight

This week Donald Trump declared himself a dictator, so now what?

Gaslit Nation host and New York Times bestselling #HidingInPlainSight author Sarah Kendzior explains to #StrangeDaysPodcast + Pastor John Pavlovitz foresees a reckoning for Trump evangelicals.