If We Can Keep It

Are we at America’s end?

The Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky untangles what imperiled the republic & assesses If We Can Keep It & Social Security expert & Sha Na Na legend Jon “Bowzer” Bauman tells the #StrangeDaysPodcast why Social Security Works and why Grease is still the word…

End the GOP

Surprise! We’re hitting your playlists early this Thanksgiving week with two special interviews from the Miami Book Fair with Leonard Pitts Jr. and Kevin Kruse & Julian Zelizer.

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Yes We Can!

Just because Barack Obama isn’t President, doesn’t mean his influence has faded. Administration alum Chris Lu tells #StrangeDaysPodcast why he’s still hopeful + Obama Foundation CEO David Simas reveals how the Obamas are inspiring America’s next leaders.

The Cult of Trump

Happy Halloween, #StrangeDaysPodcast listeners!!! In this SPOOKY episode of the podcast we discuss one of the scariest topics of all: The Cult of Trump, with author Steven Hassan. A little later in the podcast, editor-in-chief of The Bulwark and prominent #NeverTrumper, Charlie Sykes gives us some Scary Advice on How to Survive Our Impeachment Nightmare.

Buy Steve Hassan’s book THE CULT OF TRUMP: amzn.to/2PzRysz

Read Charlie Sykes latest article, DEAR GOP, SOME SCARY ADVICE ON HOW TO SURVIVE YOUR IMPEACHMENT NIGHTMARE: www.politico.com/magazine/story/2…are-trump-229885Politics