The Kleptocracy of America <3

Franklin Foer of the Atlantic Magazine, and CNN Legal Analyst Jennifer Taub join us this week on a special edition #ValentinesDay episode of #StrangeDaysPodcast. But we don’t stop there; we wrap the show with Fernand’s special valentine, the lovely Chenell Tannure, with some V-Day trivia. Stay tuned for a special guest appearance at the very end! Enjoy, and leave a review!

Franklin Foer “Russian Style Kleptocracy is Infiltrating America”:…america/580471/

Jennifer Taub “Monster” Tweet:

Women’s Day, 18 Fun Facts and Trivia:…ay-facts-103385/

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It’s Even Worse Than You Think

This week on #StrangeDays, we cover the crisis in Venezuela with WLRN (South Florida NPR station) Americas Editor Tim Padgett, who covers Latin America and the Caribbean, and Venezuelan-born South Florida political consultant Maurizio Passariello. After that, we return to our fascinating interviews from the #MiamiBookFair with Thomas Frank, author of Rendezvous from Oblivion, and Ben Fountain, author of Beautiful Country Burn Again. But WAIT! There’s more… David Cay Johnston, author of “It’s Even Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America” rounds out our show. Buckle up and enjoy!

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Will the Media Save us from Trump?

Playboy political writer and CNN analyst Brian Karem joins us, along with Washington Post op-ed columnist Greg Sargent, for a blazing new episode of the #StrangeDaysPodcast. Enjoy and leave a review!

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