Chertoff and Mudd on Mueller

After Mueller’s historic press conference, we hear reactions on the #StrangeDaysPodcast from Mueller FBI Deputy and CNN contributor Phil Mudd and Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, author of the book ‘Exploding Data’.

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Fight Like a Mother

If you want to learn how to Fight Like a Mother, don’t miss this week’s #StrangeDaysPodcast where Shannon Watts, leader of the largest grassroots movement in America, Mom’s Demand Action, inspires both young and old, motivating them to fight for the safety of America, while also making a difference in their individual communities.

Later in the podcast we hear a unique perspective from Ossian Ward, head of content at the Lisson Gallery and author of Look Again: How to Experience the Old Masters. As the world around us becomes increasingly chaotic, modern audiences stand to benefit from a look into the past- what makes humanity truly beautiful, and how can we experience that through art?

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Will the Rule of Law Unchain Democracy?

No excuse to miss the latest #StrangeDaysPodcast where Democracy in Chains author and Duke University professor, Nancy MacLean sounds a very urgent alarm and MSNBC legal eagles power duo Barbara McQuade and Mimi Rocah offer a frank assessment of Robert Mueller and Attorney General Barr.

What the Hell Just Happened to Our Country?

On a shell-shocked #StrangeDaysPodcast, we ask Real House Wives of Miami alum Lea Black if she thinks the “First Reality TV POTUS” will be re-elected and then talk to New York Times bestselling author Steve Almond as he describes the #BadStories that define Trump’s America.

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Land the Plane

After the Barr hearing fiasco, #NeverTrump ex-GOP strategist Cheri Jacobus tells #StrangeDaysPodcast why the Democrats MUST IMPEACH Barr & Trump. Later in the pod, Justice Department lawyer Julie Zebrak analyzes the odd behavior of her colleague Rod Rosenstein.