Hillary 2020?

July 17th will be #MuellerTime again and MSNBC Legal expert and Watergate prosecutor, Jill Wine-Banks gives the #StrangeDaysPodcast a preview on why impeachment likely comes next + longtime Hillary Clinton confidant Philippe Reines explores a scenario where #Hillary2020 MIGHT happen…

Siege: Trump Under Fire and Fury

Boy, do we have a FIREY new episode of the #StrangeDaysPodcast for ya! We speak to the author of Siege: Trump Under Fire, the one and only Michael Wolff (you won’t believe what he had to say about the Conways). Then we discuss all things Trump and Russia with investigative journalist and Russia expert Olga Lautman. Finally, we are reminded that the children are indeed our future during our sit down interview with The Children’s Trust’s James Haj and Rachel Spector.

Buy Michael Wolff’s new book: https://amzn.to/2IUS2Vh

Impeach the Autocrat

Two of America’s leading scholars on fascism and authoritarian leaders, NYU Professor Ruth Ben-Ghiat and host of Gas Lit Nation , Sarah Kendzior, tell the #StrangeDaysPodcast why House Democrats must act NOW to avoid a rapid descent into American autocracy.

To End a Presidency

On #StrangeDaysPodcast, we discuss everything you ever wanted to know about IMPEACHMENT (but were too afraid to ask) with Harvard Law School Professor and author of To End a Presidency, Laurence Tribe! Then we are joined by a powerhouse panel featuring Politico’s Marc Caputo and Michael Grunwald, and MSNBC legal whiz Katie Phang.

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